Analysis of the Educational Aims of Language Teaching in Chile: the ideology behind curriculum adjustments

Rocio Esquivel


Abstract : his research aims to present the social, political, epistemological and pedagogical foundations of past three language curriculum’s adjustments in Chile, and the methodology used for this purpose. We assume that the study of didactic of language can not be limited to a technical analysis of its teaching. By analyzing the requirements of the Chile’s curriculum of language, we discovered its educational purposes and the ideology that inspires them.This ideology has been introduced under the form of adjustments, that according to the government does not mean changes in the fundamentals of language teaching. He reflection on the aims proposed in the language curriculum will give us a better understanding of the present and past of Chilean society, its collective imaginary and values ​​that will shape future generations, as well as calling into question the role of language’s teaching as a tool of emancipation and appropriation of the world.

Keywords: Curriculum; Language teaching; Ideology and educational objectives.

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